Reciprocity Matters – Do Your Actions Match Your Words?

15th May 2017 No comments


We know many aspects of the entertainment industries can be, not to put too fine a point on it, fake. Altering appearances, digitally enhancing (or hiding) vocals, and back-stabbing among industry contemporaries are commonplace. Despite that, all too frequently people believe their own hype and become so wrapped up in their own inspirational content that they don’t realize they’ve stopped supporting others and everything they’re saying comes across as artificial and self-serving.

Thirty Roses’ readers know we’re all about community and supporting artists, big and small. We’re always on the look-out for like-minded industry peers and key in on those who speak about supporting other creators, building people up, and working together to make the music business a better place for everyone. This has led to some unexpected professional relationships, not to mention many cherished friendships. Over time it also made our B.S. meter soar to new heights.



There are more than a few people who say the right things, hit the right notes, and are always good for a nice soundbite or social media post about indie artists and supporting creative communities. The problem is, they aren’t particularly good at actually doing those things.

Do you know people who ask you to share their music/posts, because it’s important that we support one another? Wonderful! Now stop to think for a moment, do those people reciprocate and share your work too?

Do you know people who ask you to vote for or nominate them in any number of industry-related contests? Fantastic! Are they doing the same to help you get in front of a new or bigger audience?

Do you take a moment to support others by ‘liking’ and commenting on various posts across social media platforms? With algorithms ever-changing, sometimes a ‘like’ isn’t enough and a comment goes a long way to offer an extra bit of support. Are those in your circle who are proponents of “working together” and “building a community” treating you in kind?



I’m not suggesting that we put forth positivity to get anything in return. What I am saying is that it’s important to be aware of the actions of the people you’re surrounding yourself with, in life as well as on social media. It’s wonderful to share inspirational quotes about building bridges and oceans of togetherness, but when a person’s actual actions are antithetical to what they’re preaching, it may be wise to remain cautious and perhaps a bit guarded around them.

I don’t believe all of these peers of mine have ill-intentions, however many seem to have broken music industry rule #1: Don’t believe your own PR, be it good or bad. In most cases it seems people get so caught up in branding and maintaining the rigors of running their respective businesses that they’ve forgotten to incorporate their own advice into their routine.

As you move forward in your role in the industry, stop to think:

  • Are you taking more than you’re giving?
  • Are you sharing content that isn’t about you and your career?
  • Are you doing for others what you’re asking them to do for you?

Remember why you do what you do. When in doubt, remember what Confucius said: “Sincerity and truth are the basis for every virtue.”

A few people to keep up with who always offer positive vibes and practice what they preach:


D Grant Smith

Malynda Hale

Mary Bue

Ross Barber-Smith

Scott Borchetta

Stan Stewart

Terry McBride

Trisha Yearwood



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