We’ve Had a Makeover!

9th February 2017 1 comment


You may have noticed it’s been a pretty quiet here lately. Many of you know Thirty Roses began as an outlet for me. It was a simple website, created as an assignment, where I started writing the types of articles I wanted to read but couldn’t find elsewhere. Very unexpectedly, people began to pay attention and it has led to 5 years of incredible opportunities. This website, which was my panacea for a very long time, evolved from a tiny little place just for me, to a global resource for information and guidance and in time, became a full-time artist consultation and virtual assistant company. The problem was, our website no longer reflected what Thirty Roses became.

Everything pertaining to this has been an unexpected joy and nothing my 5 year plan could have dared dream. Today we launch with our new website and logos designed by Ross Barber-Smith of Electric Kiwi fame. You know you’ve made it when Electric Kiwi designs your website. You may see proper photographs of me floating around on the website and associated with interviews and other things I’m working on. Huge thanks to Jerry Cargill of Cargill Contemporary for fitting me into his schedule so I can have photos that aren’t taken on an iPhone! I owe a huge thanks to my friends Amy and Leah for making the introduction to Jerry. Also, Marcio Novelli has been a huge help and is always there to bounce ideas off of and is my go-to social media guy. We’re all in this together and it really does take a village…

Thanks to all of you who kept reading, tweeting, liking, emailing, watching, and trusting me with your careers. Cheers to our new adventure!


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