DJ Neal Veglio Gets Real About Life in Radio, the Creative Industries

23rd January 2017 No comments

People who have any type of career in entertainment often create a public persona on social media which portrays a lifestyle of glamour and opulence far removed from reality. Frequently we’ll see photos of exotic locations, expensive jewelry, designer clothing, and other things indicative of a lavish lifestyle. What many people fail to disclose is that so much of that (okay, most of that) is fake, contrived, or painting a very small part of an otherwise ordinary life in a struggling artist’s life.

UK-based radio DJ Neal Veglio, who we’ve written about several times, has gotten very real about his 20+ year career in radio and its ups and downs. In a recent YouTube video, Neal talks about his highest highs, writing for shows all over the world and for the biggest names in radio, and shares his current career struggles as an unemployed DJ looking for a job. He even goes through the process of looking for voice-over auditions and talks about that process.

The important take-away from this is that it’s relevant to any one of us, no matter which of the creative industries we’re in and no matter our role. I’ve heard similar stories from artists, managers, actors, publicists, agents, and pretty much everyone in any facet of entertainment.

Huge thanks to Neal for getting so real. It’s important for others in the creative industries to be reminded that they aren’t the only ones who go through these times. It’s also important for fans to see the reality of 99.9% of the entertainment industry.


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