Coldplay Give Viola Beach Posthumous Glasto Headliner Spot

31st July 2016 No comments

viola beach

You may recall earlier in the year up and coming band Viola Beach eagerly embarked on their first ever global tour and were subsequently killed in a car accident in Sweden on February 14. All band members; Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe and Jack Dakin, and the band’s manager Craig Tarry were killed when their van went over a bridge and into a canal. The band had a tremendously bright future and their potential had many artists and music industry-folk excitedly watching their progress.

At this year’s Glastonbury festival, Coldplay’s Chris Martin spoke about Viola Beach and how relatable their story was to everyone who has ever taken off on their first tour, chasing their dreams and passion for music. Martin then stated that the members of Coldplay wanted to give Viola Beach and their music the opportunity they were robbed of by performing Viola Beach song “Boys That Sing’ in an attempt to give Viola Beach “an alternate future”. It was a beautiful moment and a lovely gesture and I double-dog-dare you not to get weepy as photos of Viola Beach display on a giant screen as a crowd of thousands cheer this tribute on.

No matter your opinion of Coldplay, this was an act of class, respect, and professionalism seldom seen in what is often a “me, me, me” industry. Much love to them for doing this and we send continued love and hugs to the families and friends still mourning River, Tomas, Kris, Jack, and Craig.

You can buy Viola Beach’s eponymous album from your preferred retailer. <3




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