Sitar Teli Provides Much Needed Reality Check Regarding Music and Start-Ups

6th June 2016 1 comment

At a Midem’s June 3 panel titled ‘Startups & Corporations: from Competition to Coopetition’, Connect Venture’s Sitar Teli offered a contrary opinion to that of her peers. While the other panelists spoke highly of the music industry and its  relationship with VC and startup culture, Teli strongly disagreed.

When asked if music and tech companies have arrived at a place which is helpful for all involved, most of the panel felt it had. Teli interjected to say:

“I’m going to say no, it’s not, and it’s been a really shitty industry to work with for years. “It was hit much harder by a lot of the early internet stuff that happened, particularly file-sharing, than other content industries. And the reaction to that was to [become] distrustful of technology companies.

It can be a little awkward to watch at times but all important discussions are uncomfortable. Music tech startups are really difficult to fund and even more difficult to  make room for in an overcrowded tech space. We applaud Sitar Teli for pointing out the flaws in the current system.



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