The Best David Bowie Tributes

11th January 2016 No comments


The world woke to news of David Bowie’s death and fans felt as though they’d lost a lifetime friend and inspiration. There is such a glut of wonderful material being published about him there’s really nothing we could possibly add. Here are a few of our favorite tributes from around the web:

My absolute favorite is slightly satirical in nature but seems the most appropriate. Appearing on NewsThump and written by someone who only shares their username, DavyWavy, it’s what I find to be the most touching and least obituary-esque tribute.

David Bowie has returned to his home after an all too brief sojourn amongst humanity.

The departure means that sadly it is the world that looks very different today.

He leaves behind a substantial body of work, including several autobiographical albums about the experience of being something more than human amongst mere mortals.

The singer’s home is believed to be somewhere in the constellation of Sirius but, like so much about him, this was left extremely ambiguous.

Bowie took up residence on this planet after falling to Earth, but it was generally accepted that no one planet could sufficiently contain him for long.

Fans are comforted with the knowledge that life continues somewhere, if not necessarily on Mars.

In response to the news, people worldwide are politely requesting that Tom Waits and David Attenborough go to bed early and take care of themselves, as there’s only so much of this we can stand.

Jodrell Bank have confirmed ground control will continue to call for him into the silent, eternal void, hoping for a signal.

From the NME: How David Bowie told us he was dying in the ‘Lazarus’ video – Check it out HERE

Rough Trade announced via Twitter that they’ll be donating all profits from David Bowie album sales for the month of January to cancer charities. Start buying!

There’s going to be a tribute concert honoring David Bowie at Carnegie Hall. Details HERE

We’ll leave you with “Space Oddity”, which has been playing at Thirty Roses HQ all morning. The best songs are not only timeless, but are there exactly when you need them. This song seems to have taken on entirely new meaning now.
(*I dare you not to get at least a little teary-eyed while listening to it.)

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