Mary Bue Releases Video, Artwork for "Veal"

16th December 2015 2 comments


Singer-songwriter and all-around sweetheart Mary Bue has released a video for her latest single “Veal”. We don’t necessarily make a habit of writing about it every time an artist shares a new video, but Ms. Mary Bue released her video in a pretty awesome way. First, she had big party for fans and friends (which we really wish we could have attended). The party served to premier the video, certainly, but it was also an art show, where Mary shared a series of paintings which she herself had made and were featured in the video. On top of the premier party and art show, it was also a fundraiser as a portion of the proceeds from the evening were shared with the Humane Society.

Mary Bue has been a longtime vegan, though she’s never written so deliberately about it until her latest album, Holy Bones. “Veal” is written from the perspective of a veal calf pondering its life and the experiences it will never enjoy. Those who believe in the message of veganism will find solidarity in Bue’s words. Those who simply appreciate storytelling will enjoy the song from that perspective. Bue is not one to impose her beliefs on others, though she is happy to offer resources to those who ask, and she will speak of her own journey to a vegan diet. With the song “Veal”, she’s doing what writers do; assuming a persona to tell a story, and she does it well.

Mary Bue has one of the best mailing lists around, I highly recommend subscribing at Marybue.com. In the meantime, check out what she had to say in one of her recent mailing list posts in which she detailed a bit of her back story, what led to her write the song, and check out some of the paintings (one of which I bought!). Read the post HERE

And check out the video for “Veal”!

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