Music Fans Rally to Support Eagles of Death Metal, Paris

17th November 2015 1 comment

In what seems to be a show of support for far more than a band, the global music community has unified to help the Eagles of Death Metal climb the charts across the world. Last week’s horrific shootings at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris were part of a massive attack on the city which left 129 dead and over 350 injured.
All of Paris was shut down subsequently, including the cancellation of concerts by Coldplay and U2. U2 frontman Bono described the theatre shooting as “the first direct hit on music.” With that in mind, the music community has responded the only way it knows how: by rallying around its own to support them and let the people of Paris know that the world is here for them.
Fans are buying Eagles of Death Metal music, more to show solidarity to the musicians as people, support those who were at the Bataclan Theatre, and the city of Paris.
The latest Eagles of Death Metal album, Zipper Down, is rising in popularity, enjoying a #1 position in Luxembourg, quickly moving to #4 in France and continuing the climb the charts across a good portion of Europe.
While the band’s latest album is being purchased symbolically, so too is their cover of Duran Duran’s “Save a Prayer”, which is in the Top 5 in the U.K., the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Hungary and Norway.
Duran Duran have released a statement stating they’ll be donating their portion of all monies earned to a charity yet to be determined but they’re: “considering options that are useful, peaceful & uniting.”

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