Happy Weekend!

26th September 2015 1 comment

Hi everyone, we hope you’ve had a great week! How many of you have given a listen to Ryan Adams’ 1989? We’re very into it here at Thirty Roses HQ! Adams, in his typical fashion, brought out a melancholy and longing that wasn’t present when they were produced and arranged as up-tempo pop songs, which is in no way a slight on Ms. Taylor Swift. Different people have different visions; both versions are great for totally different moods.
So-as usual, lots of really exciting things stirring behind the scenes here. Last week we mentioned that we’re working with Shawn Mayotte. In the next week or two we’ll be sharing some more specifics on that project that I guarantee you don’t want to miss.
Chicago is gearing up for Malynda Hale’s tour stop on October 16th, mark your calendars!

We hope you have a faaaaaaabulous weekend and thanks for the love!


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