Happy Weekend

19th September 2015 No comments

Hello, hello! Apologies for no posts during the week. While it may seem that lack of activity during the week indicates we’re not doing well, it’s actually the opposite. We’ve become so busy with our consultation work, scheduling interviews, and working on social media, that it takes up pretty much every moment of the day. One-off consultations in addition to our regular artists have become increasingly difficult to juggle it all but I’m so grateful for the artists who trust their careers with me. Having said that, Thirty Roses will always be my first love- it’s what launched everything.

Work with Malynda Hale has been so exciting! I fall more in love with her album by the day (listening to it at a coffee shop right now, as a matter of fact!) and we’re quite a dynamic duo. It’s always easy to work with people who share your philosophies on business and music and Malynda is incredible.

I’ve also been working a lot with Shawn Mayotte, whom you may or may not know. Shawn is a fascinating man about whom I can’t say much…yet. His autobiography is forthcoming and when I say he saw the best of times and the worst of times in extremes few people have experienced it’s not an understatement. It’s been an honor to be trusted with his story and more will be shared about this project soon. He’s a prodigious musician and does these mini-“Name That Tune”-type games on his Facebook page a few times a week. Join the fun HERE. (*You’re welcome to send a friend request in the event a video isn’t public. This is an author page, not a private Facebook page).

As always, thanks so much for your unwavering support. Keep the emails and Tweets coming! Have a great week! <3


PS- Did you know on this day in 1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival scored their only UK #1 with “Bad Moon Rising”? Hard to believe they only had one UK #1! That’s not my personal favorite track of theirs….let’s have a playlist!

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