Happy Weekend: Gin Blossoms Edition

22nd August 2015 2 comments

Hello hello hello! We know we’ve been lax in the Happy Weekend posts over the past few weeks. Doing work for people who pay us their hard-earned money has usurped the less pressing matters at Thirty Roses HQ. It’s great that so many of you miss HW when it takes a break, though- we’re glad you enjoy our Saturday silliness.

As many know we’ve recently begun working with Malynda Hale! Her name may be familiar to our regular readers as we’ve written about her quite a few times. Malynda is an award-winning singer/songwriter and actress and it’s been great working with her over the past couple of weeks. We’ll be sharing a lot of great things from her in coming days and weeks but for now, tune in to the LA Galaxy game tomorrow against NYC FC to see Malynda sing the National Anthem before the game!!! She’s really excited and we know she’s going to be wonderful!!!

Now…onto HW!


Everyone has that one band or artist whose music has been a panacea. New Miserable Experience by the Gin Blossoms was released when I was 15 and I say in all seriousness it was my best friend. I wore out more than one copy of that CD listening to it from beginning to end, day after day, for years on end. It played on my Discman as I walked to school or work, it played on my stereo while I was at home. I cried when Doug Hopkins died and the world lost an incredible talent (which still remains grossly underrated). This was all pre-internet of course, so there was no website, there was no Twitter, there was no checking any one of a jillion websites for tour information. There was me, however, a teenager who wanted to know when her favorite band would be in Chicago. I found a pretty easy way around that: I used to call A&M Records, the band’s label, and ask them. Everyone was always really nice to me and they would send me promo posters, give me tour info, and whatever other information was suitable for release to the public on a given day. Thinking back I find it funny that at 15 or 16 I thought little of calling a record label to discuss a band, a foreshadowing perhaps? I went on to collect every import, single, shirt, all in anticipation of the next record. When Congratulations I’m Sorry was released in 1996 I was at the record store when it opened, I think I actually ditched my morning class to go and buy it. ‘Follow You Down’ became an instant radio hit across multiple platforms and I loved the record from first listen. That day I made a ‘competitionsmile@yahoo.com’ email address, which I still have because nostalgia won’t let me delete it. Ever. I found Congratulations I’m Sorry to be more mature, which is the logical progression of such things. It wasn’t as much about being lost, finding your way through the maelstrom of life, but rather dealt with the aftermath of a band that sold 4 million records. Years on the road, relationships altered, adulthood; these subjects were delivered with the Gin Blossoms signature jangly pop guitars which can occasionally mask heavy lyrical content. I wasn’t around for the release of Major Lodge Victory or No Chocolate Cake but the latter has become a new favorite of mine. The songs on it are among the band’s best and hearing the track
s live solidified how great they really are.
Last night I saw the Gin Blossoms for the first time in….a long time. I think 13 years or so? I was on a bit of a hiatus and last night’s show in Milwaukee immediately brought me back to why I adore this music. I was hoping to feel like a teenager again (in some regards, anyway) which didn’t happen but it was a wonderful show. Lead singer Robin Wilson gave his tambourine to people in the audience throughout the evening culminating in the 2 children in front of me playing the tambourine for the last couple of songs. After the set was over Robin signed the tambourines and let the kids keep them. We had the same walk back to the parking lot and those children talked about that the entire way, playing their tambourines all the while. 🙂

For those who don’t know, Jon Stewart had a show on MTV long before The Daily Show. The Gin Blossoms were the first band to appear on the show, check out that and some other videos below. Have a rad weekend! 🙂

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