Congratulations, Taylor Swift! You've Become Everything You Claimed You Never Were

27th July 2015 1 comment


I’ve adored Taylor Swift since her first record was released. I was caring for children who loved her and we listened to her all the time. We listened to each record as it was released, watched the videos, had dance parties, and drove around all summer singing every song. I’ve always liked that she was a kid who liked to write songs, pursued her dream, and didn’t allow industry know-it-alls to mold her. She stuck to who she was and her peers responded to her authenticity. No one can top her when it comes to fan engagement, standing by what she believes, and running her business the way she wishes. All of that should be commended and for all of those reasons, I’ve always admired her as a businesswoman and professional if nothing else. She was never one to participate in nonsensical banter over who wore what outfit better or similar idiocy…until recently.

The rift between Ms. Swift and singer Katy Perry began some time ago after, as Swift tells it, Perry tried to hire back up dancers who were in the middle of touring with her.
From there the two avoided one another publicly and took swipes in interviews and on Twitter.

None of that is particularly new, mostly background information for those who don’t pay attention to singers who act like middle school children. Over the past week, however, this has all been dredged up again by Nicki Minaj, in a roundabout way. Ms. Minaj reacted to the MTV Video Music Award Nominations and the lack of nods for her own Anaconda, which Swift responded to starting an exchange many called a “feud”. (A recap of her discourse with Taylor Swift can be found here). Katy Perry inserted herself into the conversation with an indecipherable tweet:

Over the weekend at Swift’s show in Massachusetts, one of her backup dancers made a brief appearance as a shark. That may seem innocent enough but given the infamy of Katy Perry’s ‘Left Shark’ at this year’s Super Bowl and that the shark made its appearance during the song Bad Blood, which is said to be about Perry, it seems very much to be a dig at Perry. It may be harmless enough as such things go, but it’s still bratty, childish, unprofessional, and essentially everything Taylor Swift has always fought against especially against fellow female artists.

For quite some time Taylor Swift has enjoyed a spotless reputation. From her good deeds and interaction with fans (which are still to be lauded) and unjustified praise for being single-handedly responsible for artists being paid during Apple Music’s three-month trial, Swift hasn’t been embroiled in scandal the way many of her contemporaries have. With that said, the over-saturation of a string of hit records with multiple hit singles, all popular across multiple genres coupled with this catty Twitter and stage nonsense may be an indicator that once this tour is finished it’s time for Taylor Swift to take some time off and let people forget her for a while. She’s always been above this behavior and needs to either remember that or be reminded of it.

Her recent behavior is not befitting Billboard’s Woman of the Year. It’s pretty appropriate for Regina George, though.


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