Happy Weekend: Patcast Edition

25th July 2015 No comments


Hello, darling readers! Another weekend is upon us and we hope it finds you well. Summer has finally found its way to the city of Chicago! The past few weeks have been filled with excitement and many dreams coming true here at Thirty Roses HQ. As always, we can’t thank all of you enough for your continued support over the years.
Over the past couple of weeks we got turned on to Patcast, the podcast of Train frontman Pat Monahan. On each episode Monahan interviews a guest, usually a fellow musician, and discusses songwriting, the music industry and its (d)evolution, and all varieties of minutiae. Whether you’re a fan of either Monahan’s music or his guest’s matters not as the content of the interviews is the real draw. Over the course of the Patcast’s history guests have included Monahan’s Train band mates, Gavin DeGraw, Fastball, Nile Rodgers, Gin Blossoms, The Rembrandts, Echosmith, Jason Bonham, Elle King, Michael Ian Black, Butch Walker, and many others. Now on its 104th episode, the show definitely places emphasis on songwriters and musicians but interviews performers who can offer insight and advice on many aspects of life in the entertainment industries.
It really is a great show with many wonderful stories and anecdotes. Even people you may not necessarily fancy yourself a fan of have fascinating stories on how their songs came to be, what became of them during down time, and what they make of the ebbs and flows of the music business. A wonderful point raised in the Gavin DeGraw Patcast was about the world of hip-hop and how those artists have always worked as a community. They’ve worked together on tracks viewing the success of one artist as the success of the community as a whole. Gavin noted that other music communities are finally starting to work together in a similar fashion. It’s a great conversation and one worth listening to!

Another I’d recommend is the one with Fastball. They spend quite a lot of time discussing the strange limbo songwriters are in due to streaming and how it’s the equivalent of ‘coins in the couch’ for songwriters. They, along with Monahan, state that music was probably never really meant to be a rich man’s game and now it’s probably simply shifted back to where it was meant to be after the opulence and decadence of the 80s and 90’s.

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