Artists We Love: Lucia Valentine

29th June 2015 No comments


We haven’t done an Artists We Love Feature in quite some time, mostly because all of the music we’ve been obsessed with in the last several months has gone straight to The VT. Then, when doing our doing normal perusal of NoiseTrade we stumbled upon a brand new EP by a brand new artist: Lucia Valentine.
Just aged 18, Ms. Valentine is launching her music career on NoiseTrade and her eponymous four-track set has her off to a lovely start. Placed in the ‘pop’ category, the expectation was something along the lines of Katy Perry or one of her ilk, but Lucia Valentine’s music is more comparable to a less jazzy Norah Jones, Meiko, Mikaela Davis, or perhaps Emily Hearn.
Genuine pop that isn’t overly processed ClearChannel swill and a gorgeous voice singing sincere lyrics; we can’t wait to see where her career takes her!

Head to NoiseTrade for a copy of Lucia Valentine’s music industry debut! You can get it free or leave a tip!

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