Happy Weekend: Hong Kong Music Edition

6th June 2015 No comments

As we type this, our beloved Noughts and Exes are exiting the stage and saying goodbye to a career as one of Hong Kong’s most successful bands. So who is left to follow in their history-making footsteps? Let’s take a look!


One of our favorites, Thud combines Shoegaze and Nugaze to bring their own brand of lo-fi awesomeness.

The Weathering

Firmly rooted in Hong Kong’s music scene, the American duo who make up The Weathering sing soaring songs about love and faith with lyrics ambiguous enough to be universally relatable.

Robynn & Kendy

We’ve expressed our love for Robynn & Kendy before. Lilting melodies and soothing harmonies, language barrier be damned!

Poubelle International

The most globally accessible of the bunch, Poubelle International is a sort of OK Go/The Darkness hybrid.

Shaolin Fez

Very different from the others, Shaolin Fez is Hong Kong’s largest band (in size) and leader Sam Ferrer approaches things classically and with Big Band-style.

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