Happy Weekend: Depeche Mode Edition

9th May 2015 No comments


Hey hey, my my- it’s Saturday! It also happens to the be the birthday of one Dave Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode! There are few bands I love more than Depeche Mode and aside from Delta Machine, they have consistently made beautiful songs and put on one of the best live shows around during their 30+ years as a band.
On a personal note, when DM were touring for Playing the Angel, my Depeche Mode partner in crime and one of my best friends (whom I met in line at a Dave Gahan solo gig) brought a series of posters to display throughout the evening. They didn’t contain your typical ‘We Love You‘ type messages, and we excitedly held up the first of our posters from our places in front of the catwalk. They made the crew laugh so hard they sent Dave Gahan out before the show to look at them. He walked right over to us and doubled over laughing, after which he asked if he could keep them. (Of course he could keep them!) Jaime, our celebrated posters, and l’il ol’ me later ended up in the Chicago Tribune and a Q Magazine feature about the band’s U.S. tour. We’re not sure what became of our posters but we like to think at the very least Jonathan Kessler and Anton Corbijn got a giggle out of them before they hit a recycling bin.

It is with this in mind that we kick off the weekend with some of our favorite Depeche Mode songs/Dave Gahan performances.
Happy birthday, Dave and happy weekend lovely readers!


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