Breaking Down the Kansas Bible Company EP Dad's Day

29th April 2015 2 comments

Kansas Bible Company is gaining press with articles in Nashville Cream and Paste and has a recent EP out called Dad’s Day.  No LP announced, but as they are touring, they are building credibility in the rock industry which is fickle to all but the most hardworking bands, no matter the talent, and they have talent.

In order from the Dad’s Day EP:

Elysees 99,84 has a really nice moaning guitar and some clever vocals over building drums.

Losing the Feel is a classic 70s rock song and is fitting for the Dad’s Day title, as everyone “loses the feel” at times as they grow older.

Everything Blue is great, and may even be the best with a somber but optimistic attitude. “That was the old you, this is the new me. I could be the drugs you’re abusing“, Jake Miller croons.

Finally, Stone in the Water has a video which was recently featured in Paste magaine.

That’s right, it’s Dad’s Day, the myth of men relaxing, or the rather difficult jump from being a kid to learning to be happy vicariously in making meals for your kids.

That said, we love Fathers Day, and even more so everyone loves the feeling of freedom a Kansas Bible Company song emulates. Be it the nature theme in the “Stone in the Water” video, or just the spirit of 10 people playing horns. Living for the sake of living. Not worrying about all the technology in front of you and knowing life is naturally difficult. The psychedelic experience of life.

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