Happy Weekend: Leah Graham Edition

28th March 2015 No comments


Hello! This is sure to be the most important Happy Weekend in our history! I always look forward to searching for fun music related minutiae to post for our HW features, but today’s post goes far beyond that. Our longtime supporters will remember Leah Graham, the Oxford teenager who was losing her battle with Cystic Fibrosis in the autumn of 2013. All Leah wanted was a tweet from her favorite singer and idol, Rhianna, and we became involved in the campaign to get Rhianna to tweet Leah. After thousands of tweets, numerous calls to her management, and every measure humanly possible, Rhianna didn’t reach out to Leah in any capacity. Awareness of Leah and her story quickly spread and the music industry, as well as the rest of the world, rallied around Leah and her family to show their support. Sadly, Leah died on 31 October, 2013, and people on a global scale reacted to the loss of the girl who had come to mean so much to all.
Since her passing, her family has worked to preserve her memory and positive spirit. Her mother, Selina Jeacock, is launching Leah’s Wish, a charity which aims to help others with Cystic Fibrosis. Leah’s family has also been assisting people who have turned to crowdfunding to raise money for life saving treatments for Cystic Fibrosis not covered by insurance. Last week they issued their first check to help toddler Bethany and her family raise the money needed for a physio vest. The vests cost upwards of $10,000 US and are necessary for treatment of Cystic Fibrosis.
The Jeacock-Graham family has turned their grief into a beautiful legacy for their beloved Leah. The girl who lived her life shining bright like a diamond continues to bring joy and happiness to those whose lives she touches.

Please ‘Like’ the Leah’s Legacy Facebook Page

Visit the Leah’s Wish Website for updates, as well as Leah’s full story

If you missed our memorial on Leah, which includes some photos and the gorgeous messages from people around the world put together by Neal Mayhem, please visit it HERE

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