Artists We Love: Mary Bue

9th December 2014 No comments


It’s always a pleasant surprise when you come across an artist who writes their own songs (the kind you swear you’d written yourself…if only you could find the words), sing their own songs, and, as an added bonus, are an absolute delight to be around. I’m speaking of none other than Mary Bue (surname rhymes with ‘view’)!
If you aren’t familiar with her, you are now! Per her website she’s a “playful expansive real indie songstress” and in all honesty, I’d be hard-pressed to describe her up any better. With only her voice and her piano, Mary Bue tells the tales of her loves, losses, misadventures, thoughts, regrets, and the minutiae that lies in the deep recesses of her mind. While she may be compared to Aimee Mann, Natalie Merchant, and artists of that ilk, when you listen to her it doesn’t ever feel like you’re listening to anything you’ve heard before. She’s a gentle soul with a gentle voice whose genuineness shines through in her music and stage presence alike. She is an artist you must become acquainted with and you must do so now! Mary tours often, particularly in the mid-west, so be sure to follow her Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can keep up with her tour dates! Also keep up to date with her news on her Official web site!

If you aren’t sure what to give some people on your Christmas list, check out Mary’s Indie Gift Guide

Mary wrote a post about her tour and was kind enough to mention moi! Check it out HERE!

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