Happy Weekend!

11th October 2014 2 comments

Happy Saturday, lovelies! We hope you’ve had as fabulous a week as we have! If you haven’t checked out the latest mixtape on The VT, head over to listen to the tracks and play the videos! It’s one of my favorite mixtapes we’ve ever featured! Our distribution now allows us to share our mixtapes with over 6 million people worldwide! VT founder Nick has done a great job of putting together some great music so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything!
Hong Kong is still experiencing great unrest and much protesting- fortunately the members of Noughts and Exes who have been involved in peacefully protesting have stayed safe. We at Thirty Roses keep our thoughts with the residents of Hong Kong.

And now onto some levity…for the first time in Thirty Roses history we’re going to give you some homework this weekend. Hopefully no one reading this is a child because we certainly don’t want to get anyone in trouble with their parents. That said, we strongly encourage everyone to spend the weekend playing with their food; here are some music related suggestions. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Wafflelute LLR






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