Underappreciated Artists: The Folk Implosion

2nd September 2014 No comments

The lovechild of Dinosaur Jr’s original bass player Lou Barlow, and John Davis, including members Imad Wassif, and Russ Pollard. The name The Folk Implosion is a play on the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

Primarily acoustic, the lyrics involve the struggles of settling down, midlife, frustrations, and philosophy. The music has a simple construction, it’s solid music, good for coffee shops. When compared to Dinosaur Jr., it’s different, but less thunderous, and energetic feeling. Whereas everyone knows Dinosaur Jr. is almost epic.  If nothing else, a band like this can be notable for providing the technically perfect versions of musical patterns we all already know, because there isn’t much on top of the riffs, the listener focuses on the small adjustments. It’s not minimalism, but close, it’s graceful. Musical minimalism doesn’t really exist, it was created as an anti-genre. The drumbeat in “Insinuation”, the bass in “Sputnik’s Down”, and the guitar in “easy” all do this detailed approach I am describing. The albums are Take a Look Inside The Folk Implosion, Dare to be surprised, One Part Lullaby, and The New Folk Implosion. They also gained some fame from doing the soundtrack to the 90’s movie Kids by Larry Clark.

You can buy their music on ITunes ,

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and here is the album The New Folk Implosion for sale on Bandcamp.

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