Spoon Continues to Grow with 'They Want My Soul'

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Spoon is well known for their great social commentary, rhythm guitar, and general love of modern music. Meaning they create something positive out of what is often lackluster in modern music. From the depths of his life in the first four albums, all the way to the current album, They Want My Soul. The first four albums are not great, but they are far more interesting than most of the music of their “indie” contemporaries Pitchfork loves to ram down our throats. “Stay Don’t Go”, and “The Government Darling” are good examples of this, grunge meets indie, and most indie bands wont touch politics. Spoon has fun playing: “I feel like I can hear we’re having fun.”-Jim Eno (NPR interview). Sometimes the rhythms are offbeat, and frankly, it’s amazing. Some people probably don’t appreciate that. The key to it is that Britt Daniel is a good enough singer to pull it off. “Stroke their Brains”, a b-side, is another example of this, it’s amazing with it’s shambling guitar, and visceral lyrics.

Then came Gimme Fiction, GaGaGaGaGa, and Transference, all do this offbeat thing with solid guitar, and all achieved commercial success. “Finer Feelings” off GaGaGaGaGa shows the bands growth as people, it is the recognition of life’s possibilities. “I Turn My Camera On” off Gimme Fiction is mediocre, there isn’t enough to it. But just maybe it’s a purely defensive song; it’s not vulnerable, but it’s still expressive, while typically Spoon is the opposite; vulnerable, even when not expressive.  The side project Divine Fits has the best band name ever, and is also really good. “Would that not Be Nice”, “My Love is Real” and “Like Ice Cream”, are Spoon with even more energy. The most important thing about Spoon is probably that they try to help the listener. Music is supposed to generate a feeling, but really no artist is required to make an effort to speak to the audience. Just making art is difficult enough. As evidence in a song like “Don’t Make Me a Target”. This is why Spoon is so amazing.

Which brings us to the new album, They Want My Soul, released Aug. 4th. 2014. If GaGaGaGaGa is the hand of heavens answering the suburban dysfunctional cycles of family, and relationships, then They Want My Soul is the tears produced by that hand’s grace. The album is definitely more personal than previous albums. The more personal the better probably for Spoon. However, no matter how much 50’s romance, and soul you inject into “Rent I Pay”, “Outlier”, “Rainy Taxi”, “Do You”, “Inside Out”, and “Let Me Be Mine”, it doesn’t save them. “Do You” has the offbeat rhythms, and is the only one which is really jam worthy. “Let me be mine” has good rhythm. The others are good, just not as emotionally wrenching as Spoon is at their peak. “They Want My Soul”, “Knock Knock Knock”, and “New York Kiss” are though. Knock Knock Knock” is perfect. “They Want My Soul” has a good 70’s vibe. “I Just Don’t Understand”, an Ann-Margret cover, fits the soul approach of the album. In “New York Kiss”, the last track on the album, they really get going. You can feel the immense energy of this song. “It’s gonna hit me good, just like the first time.” Britt sings. As a whole, the album shows Spoon’s growth.

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