Artists We Love: Vaudeville Etiquette

30th July 2014 No comments


One of the many wonderful things about our partnership with The vt blog is the influx of incredible music we get to hear. The other day we got a suggestion from Nick Blake, mastermind of the vt, which said simply: “I think you’ll like this one.” He was so right! The band in question was Seattle’s Vaudeville Etiquette and the video was for ‘Oh,’ from the album Debutantes & Dealers.
The music veers in all directions, never losing focus. The band seems to draw influence from everywhere with some songs sounding like they’d be at home at a speakeasy and others befitting airtime concurrently on country and Top 40 radio. Despite these variations in influence and style, the music is always fluid and absolutely delightful. Vaudeville Etiquette’s music rests in the brackish waters of alt-country. As a genre, that one gets complicated as it’s most often a default classification for music that is too pop to be rock, too rock to be pop, too country to be rock, too alternative to be any of the above, too blues to be folk, and too much of something to be considered anything else, so it’s called alt-country (or Americana, there’s little delineation). Somehow Vaudeville Etiquette weave through each of these intermingled genres, draw from elements of each, and create a sound truly unique to them.
The band are currently touring and have a series of dates scheduled around Washington with more to come. Do catch them if you’re in the area!

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