Underappreciated Artists: The Firebird Band

28th July 2014 2 comments

The Firebird Band, created by Chris and Riley Broach, now featuring Chris Broach and Steve Znavor of Life at Sea, have a unique instrumental approach, like The Monochrome Set, or Wire. They come from Braid, the band Chris Broach is known for, a dark noisy affair. Braid is one of the original alternative bands coming out of the 90’s, but isn’t exactly the typical sappy band of that scene. The vocals in the Firebird Band are sometimes more volatile than typical rock, or even soul type pop. However, for the most part, you can’t hear the influence of Braid in The Firebird Band, which is primarily a techno, and rock blend. They are a deep, soul wrenching, techno which creates a vibe you could listen to doing just about anything. The seamless blend of guitar, and keyboard makes it work.

Their first album, The City at Night creates a feeling just like that, like a few lights, a friend, and a walk is all you need. Which is especially cool because there can be something depressing about the city at night. The most worthwhile songs off of it are as follows; “Art”, which has really good acoustic guitar, and “Satellite Delay”, in which the lyric “hey, this is living, hey this is just what you wanted.” stands out.  “Next Wave” is saying you don’t need to immediately move to the next wave, asking no new wave, no fun? Lastly, “Obsessive Compulsive” has a really interesting guitar line, but isn’t all that polished, it’s like a pop song. What is more relevant is that it’s lyrics describe psychology as worship.

The other two collections out there are, The Firebird Band Suite Archives, and The Setting Sun, and It’s Satellites. The former features more complete songs, and no keyboard. These are some of the best songs; “Letter” has a very alternative take, with lots of drums, “Science vs. Luck” has highly intricate instrumental work with cynical lyrics, “Southshore Drive” is a tribute to Chicago, “September” has maybe their best line, ”you forget about your legends, and your heros, and make your own”, and “Cannonball” builds on a really good bass line, and is like a typical alternative pop song. There are some b-sides out there, “Wish” is an interesting track, some of them are kind of messy though, with some interesting drum takes maybe.

The Firebird Band could appeal to anyone as rock. However, the type of people who would most appreciate them is those who can follow their political lyrics. There is a new album coming out in 2014 on Chris Broach’s own label, Lucid Records.

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