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21st June 2014 1 comment


By now seemingly everyone has seen the photos of Avril Lavigne with fans vs other, slightly less uncomfortable artists with their fans. As stated in our article about good and bad fan interaction, we don’t know what exactly it is that makes Ms. Lavigne uncomfortable in her dealings with the public, but we do know that social anxiety and being generally uncomfortable around strangers is something many musicians struggle with. While most professions require a certain level of interaction with the public, there’s an invasion of personal space that frequently occurs when a fan comes in contact with their favorite singer or songwriter. As a result, it is paramount that artists become comfortable with the many facets of their career which require social interaction and public speaking: Enter HugSpeak. HugSpeak is a Colorado based company that specializes in working with clients to formulate a strategy for their particular needs in the areas of public speaking, presentation skills, branding strategies, and essentially anything else which involves interacting with other people.
HugSpeak founder Lauren Hug is an attorney and social media expert who has a gift for public speaking. She’s brought all of these skills together in HugSpeak and is sought after by individuals, small businesses, big businesses, and students to guide them in improving their speaking and presentation skills.
Given how many musicians struggle with issues such as meeting fans, asserting themselves with managers and label executives, feeling comfortable talking while on stage, interacting at meet and greets, finding the balance between rock star and professional, communicating effectively with band mates, and a host of other idiosyncratic things, HugSpeak can be a great place for artists to turn to get some advice on how to utilize their particular skills in a practical way.
HugSpeak is also great for managers who need to boost their negotiating or mediating skills, label owners who need to learn the most effective ways to brand their company and want to ensure effective communication and leadership skills, and anyone in the industry who simply wants to assert their public platform in the most effective way possible.
Additionally, HugSpeak specializes in social media, and so many musicians need help with social media! Understanding fully the importance of engagement, Lauren Hug and HugSpeak can cultivate a social media strategy specific to your needs.

In-person and Skype sessions are available with HugSpeak and you can book just one session or look into one of their many packages.

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