Uptown Mayhem Announce Split

3rd March 2014 No comments


We’re sorry to kick off Monday morning with some bad news but we didn’t want to bring down the weekend and share it yesterday. Chicago area band (and favorite around Thirty Roses HQ) Uptown Mayhem announced their split yesterday. It seems that the departure of key band members coupled with the general demands of their lives at this time left the remaining members feeling it just wasn’t right moving forward. It’s sad for sure, but definitely understandable. We’d like to wish all in the band the very best moving forward and absolutely hope they go on to pursue other projects in the future.

The band plan to keep their Facebook page active to share news on what the members are up to, so do follow them to find out what the future holds for each of them! Remember, they’re all still teenagers; should they choose to pursue other musical endeavors, who knows what they could achieve!

Much love from all of us at Thirty Roses, we wish you the best!

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