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10th January 2014 4 comments

We’re so excited; this is our first AWL feature of the new year! What better way to begin than to introduce you to the über-talented Emily Hearn!
Ms. Hearn may be a bit late to the music game as she didn’t begin playing guitar until 2008 and released her first EP, Paper Heart, in 2010. It would seem that since that time she hasn’t stopped writing, gigging, practicing, and conquering the world.
In the years following her debut EP, Emily Hearn has released a full length record, Red Balloon, and a new EP, Promises.
While Paper Heart is a collection of songs about break ups and encounters with Mr. less-than-right, they’re delivered with beats and melodies fully conducive to sing-alongs and hand-claps. The lyrics take a noticeable shift on the efforts that followed as Hearn’s lyrics focus more on happiness, joy, and falling in love, but the effervescent sensibility she began her career with remain fully intact and stronger than ever.

Fortunately for those who enjoy live music, Emily Hearn tours regularly; if you catch her live, be sure to tell us all about it!

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Visit her web site, where you can subscribe to her mailing list, get all the latest tour and recording information, and purchase some of the rad items in her shop

Also, if you have a few minutes to spare, be sure to check out Mocha Club; an organization Emily Hearn and many other artists are affiliated with. The premise is simple; for the price of a few fancy coffees a month, you can make contributions which help people in Africa gain access to clean water, education, orphan care, healthcare, and economic independence.

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