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9th December 2013 3 comments


Every so often, an artist comes along that gives us hope that we may one day live in a world where the majority of the population doesn’t gobble up Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and any other ClearChannel darling du jour. Uptown Mayhem is precisely that artist. Many artists we find by happenstance; music is suggested to us constantly, and we’re always in search of great talent. We found out about Uptown Mayhem at a local School of Rock Chapter where we became instantly in awe of band member and vocal powerhouse Abby Joy.
From then on we paid attention to what they were up to via social media and when they released their EP, 8 Days to Saturday, it seemed to be the perfect opportunity to introduce Thirty Roses enthusiasts to them!


Uptown Mayhem are a unique amalgamation of the accessible pop-punk which launched Green Day into the stratosphere, the swagger and attitude of The Ramones, and a quality lacking in many punk bands; musicianship. Many punk groups master what they’re good at but don’t push themselves beyond that. The members of Uptown Mayhem have the rare ability to embody the true punk ethos while being accomplished musicians. They respect the history and origins of punk culture but have added their own spin to what the founding fathers of punk did. They mix their brand of punk with a hint of grunge and just enough pop sensibility to make a non-punk hum along. Probably the most ‘unpunk’ thing bout them is that they have fun. Years ago it wasn’t ‘cool’ to seem to enjoy performing music. While we’re certain the members of (insert any punk/grunge band here) loved playing, there was a need to be stoic, angry, and oftentimes dismissive of the whole music making process. Uptown Mayhem have a great balance of paying homage to their influences while smiling and genuinely enjoying playing.


Perhaps the most remarkable thing of all about Uptown Mayhem is that they’re probably younger than you. Yep, the band members are still in high/secondary school. They do coursework all day and rehearse, write, record, and gig just about every other moment. While it isn’t unheard of for high schoolers to start bands (if anything it’s almost mandatory), it is unusual for teenagers to take it so seriously. The Uptown Mayhem members are always learning and trying to improve upon their talent and, if they already work this hard and with this much dedication, imagine the opportunities that await them.

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