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18th October 2013 No comments

It’s that time again; time for us to pass along info on an amazing artist who should be touring the globe, selling out stadiums but isn’t just yet.
For the past several weeks we’ve discussed duos and insanely talented female artists. It seems only appropriate that we switch it up and keep things fresh for you, and who better to break the mold than Ed Romanoff?

You never know how you’ll discover new music and we became acquainted with Ed Romanoff yesterday! Clearly we’re not well versed fans just yet, but when an artist leaves a lasting impression on a listener, it means they’ve done their job. When an artist leaves a positive lasting impression and makes someone in an audience want to seek out their music, they’ve done their job exceptionally well.

Ed Romanoff was a speaker at Chicago Ideas Week last evening and spoke about songwriting along with Rachael Yamagata.
During the course of his chat, Romanoff spoke about becoming a performer because of the overwhelming need for 48 year old folk singers. He spoke about finding out about his paternity quite accidentally. He spoke about how songwriters shouldn’t try to write good songs, they should write honest songs as they always end up the best songs. He spoke of all of these things with unabashed honesty, humility, and humor.
In non-performing life, Ed Romanoff is the CEO of a company. Perhaps that is part of the reason why he was able to speak with such ease to the sold out auditorium filled with musicians, songwriters, and music industry folk. His sincerity, talent, and drive to become a better performer and songwriter are what make his music powerful and relatable. Sincerity in the music industry goes a long way. Sincerity in music is immeasurable.

Be sure to check out everything you can by Ed Romanoff, and try to catch him live or being interviewed. Not only is his talent undeniable, he’s really funny!
If you like folk music, accessible folky-pop music, honest songwriting, and musicians who sing and play without shticks and gimmicks, you’ll love Ed Romanoff as much we do!

Be sure to check him out on tour!

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