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9th October 2013 1 comment

For whatever reason, we’ve featured a lot of duos on Artists We Love, and why stop now! We found JillandKate on Noise Trade and have been digging their record Heart of Stone ever since.
We’re huge supporters of the indie ethos here at Thirty Roses, and JillandKate show dedication to their career that few musicians realise is a necessity. They’re also fun, sassy, really creative (which we’ll get back to) and, above all else, talented girls who rock!
Jill and Kate are two separate people who met in college. An assignment required them to write a song together and, presumably, it went well. Since their college days, the women, who are collectively known as JillandKate, have recorded four albums (the most recent being 2012’s Heart of Stone), toured extensively to promote and support their work, sang back-up for Kelly Clarkson on numerous tours, and, they have an Etsy store! When they aren’t writing songs, recording songs, and touring to support those songs, they make jewelry. Their pieces include key chains, necklaces, and bracelets that have phrases and song lyrics. They’re simple, affordable, and becoming more popular by the day!.

Heart of Stone is a great mix of fun, jangly pop songs that are just country enough for people who like that sort of thing-but aren’t so country that it will deter people who don’t. It’s difficult to put music into genres much of the time, especially with artists who draw inspiration from a wide range of people. JillandKate seem to touch on aspects of many different styles, which is a great thing! Perhaps a sort of Sara Bareilles/Kelly Clarkson/Rachael Yamagata/Lady Antebellum hybrid? Whatever you want to call it, simply put, it’s good music sung by women who can sing on key (and without Autotune!), and who don’t rely on gimmicks and shtick to advance their career. They rely on themselves, one another, their talent, and hard work.

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