Artists We Love: Trouvere

30th September 2013 No comments

We’re really excited to introduce you to another great under-appreciated duo in this week’s Artists We Love; Nashville’s Trouvere! Greg LaFollette is a producer, engineer, and musician who has worked with the likes of Matthew Perryman Jones and Andrew Belle. He and his lovely partner in crime, Shell Snyder, (who sings how angels would sing-if angels were in really rad indie bands) do what few can successfully do; make infectious bubblegum pop songs for grown ups!
Their latest EP, Young, features ‘Beach House,’ which I’m fairly certain is a specialized kind of aural sunshine, but Snyder and LaFollette also bring the tempo down on some of the other tracks. ‘Just Go’ (which always makes me think of Gilmore Girls) and ‘Saying Yes’ are more along the lines of what one may consider a ballad without ever becoming cliche.
Their sound is uniquely theirs but would be a welcome addition to the music collection of fans of Allo Darlin’, Camera Obscura, and people who insist that She & Him are a good idea.

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