First of Replacements Reunion Shows a Success in Toronto

26th August 2013 No comments

Anyone know who took this amazing photograph?

Anyone know who took this amazing photograph?

The anxiously awaited Replacements reunion mini-tour is now officially underway! The first Riot Fest took place yesterday in Toronto and, while there were probably other bands playing, it seems it was The Replacements’ day.
While the first reviews rolling in seem to be fairly tepid, the fan reviews, which by our estimation are far more accurate, have called the show nothing less than stellar.
There was a point during ‘I Will Dare’ when singer/guitarist Paul Westerberg forgot the lyrics but it is worth pointing out that A) he does that a lot of the time, just to mess with people, B) singers forget songs sometimes, it happens; and to the best of ’em, and C) while Westerberg performs these songs on his solo tours, just as he did with The Replacements, it’s been awhile since he’s done either, so give the guy a little bit of slack.
At any rate, Tommy (Stinson, bass player) and Paul seemed to be having a great time based on the videos popping up on YouTube and the fan comments starting to show up on the internet.
The aforementioned reviews can be found HERE and HERE

We’d love to hear from anyone who was there! What did you think? We can’t wait for Chicago!

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Here’s a video someone shared that has excellent sound and picture quality!

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