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2nd October 2012 No comments

Good morning, all. As my readers know by know, I am huge supporter of crowdfunding. Any time artists and fans can work together and strengthen their relationship, I think it’s a wonderful thing. If this comes in the form fans themselves aiding the artists they love in funding new projects and getting some cool and unusual swag in return, I think only good things can come from it.

Now another of my favourite bands has a campaign up and running; The Rifles!  Having released their debut album, No Love Lost, in 2006, The Rifles are a band who consistently make great records with catchy beats, amazing lyrics, and melodies you’ll find yourself humming for days. While they’ve found chart success in the UK, it’s never been to the level they’ve deserved and, for whatever, reason, they’ve not managed to catch on yet in the US. (I blame Lady Gaga, but then, I tend to blame her for an awful lot).

After playing the label game and losing, they’ve taken their career into their own hands to a large degree in recent years, and this Pledge Music campaign shows that even further. They’re a hard working band dedicated to their music and, just as importantly, to their fans.

As is the case with all crowdfunding campaigns, you get really cool things for donating to the cause! For as a little as £5, you get an EP of B-sides and rarities. Some of the other items up for offering are signed copies of the new album, handwritten lyric sheets, little ol’ you getting special thanks by the band in the album liner notes, signed backdrops, and a slew of bundles. Any donation level gives you access to the ‘Pledgers Only” web site with updates and other exclusive content about the band’s progress. You’ll also get an exclusive EP to tide you over until the new record is released.

While there are 91 days remaining in the campaign, I’d suggest donating sooner rather than later. Many of the items the band are offering as incentives have already been scooped up (a signed acoustic guitar, bass drum skins, and opportunities to appear on the record, for example).

To learn more about their Pledge Music campaign OR get involved: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/therifles

To visit The Rifles on the web: http://www.therifles.me.uk/index.php

Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/theriflesband

‘Like’ them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therifles?ref=ts&fref=ts

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