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5th June 2012 No comments

There are few things in life that make me absolutely giddy to spend money on. Travel, anything related to technology, and always, atop the list, is music. Anything and everything related to music. For the longest time, as consumers, we were fairly limited in what we could spend money on when music was concerned. We could buy whatever musical offerings our favorite artists released, related merchandise, and maybe some video and concert videos. Once again, the internet has changed that.
Every now and again, I’m reminded of how truly phenomenal Kickstarter is, and how much I love it. In recent weeks, I’ve given money to the Martin Atkins campaign to fund his latest book, the boys in Ben Folds Five to fund their new record (okay, that wasn’t on Kickstarter but the same deal-crowdfunding), and now, a band whom you’ve read about and heard me speak about ad nauseum are launching a Kickstarter campaign!
That’s right; EMILY DANGER!!! My favorite band of 2012 is officially joining the Kickstarter family in an attempt to fund their first nationwide tour!!
Reading that news in my Facebook stream today got to me thinking about human psychology and how truly amazing this phenomena is.
Here I was, in a situation where a band was asking me for money, and I was elated about it! I was so excited to read about the different “prizes” being offered at the various levels of donation and eager to give any and every amount my budget would allow to aid in their effort.
It was much the same with the Martin Atkins and Ben Folds Five campaigns, yet a bit more intensified with Emily Danger. Perhaps I feel a kinship with them (did you know that I wrote the first review that their EP EVER got? How amazing is that?!). Perhaps, more simply, it’s because they’re amazingly talented.

People have provided me with amazing opportunities because they’ve believed in me, and one small way I can reciprocate that is to do the same for those I believe in.
Be they brilliant music industry gurus like Martin Atkins, a favorite band who have provided the soundtrack to so much of my life, as Ben Folds Five have, or a new band, like Emily Danger, who deserve the same faith and opportunity that so many have bestowed upon me.
It slightly reminds me of the days when Ebay was new and I would get so excited about “winning” an auction. I never thought it odd until a friend pointed out to me how strange it was that I considered it winning when I was paying a large sum of money for something.
Regardless of the pathology behind it, it’s a wonderful thing. The artist/fan relationship is strengthened, a project is funded, and a fan gains some cool swag. A winning proposition on all counts, by my estimation!!!

To contribute to the Emily Danger Kickstarter campaign (did you know you can give as little as $1??!!) go here:


You can also still contribute to the Martin Atkins campaign! Go here!

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